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March 23, 2017 by Hayley Ellis

Next week in class we are going to be starting a project over the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It is the biggest project of the semester and in order to keep all of my own thoughts and research straight–I’ve decided to make a website to share it with all of you. My background with the Kennedy assassination is fairly slim and goes back to when I studied the assassination in high school as a freshman.

That being said, get excited for some fun posts as I follow the “Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald” along with Hippie History and as I do independent research on the assassination. I’ll be reading and watching about the assassination, interviewing people who remember the assassination and following the project right along with the classes! Here is where you will find all of it. I hope this site will become a historiography of the assassination of President Kennedy and will give a resource for researching this major event in US History.


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