Day #2 Assassination Walk Through

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March 29, 2017 by Hayley Ellis

On the morning of November 22, 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald walked into work carrying a package under his arm–nobody thought much of it because he had told Buell Frazier he was getting curtain rods.

President Kennedy was in Dallas preparing for the 1964 Presidential campaign. It’s been raining and now the skies were clear and the decision to travel in an open limousine seemed like an easy decision. As the President’s motorcade turned down Elm Street, three shots were fired from the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository building.


The first shot hit a piece of street curb. The second is known as the “Magic Bullet” as it went through President Kennedy’s neck, out his throat, into Texas Governor Connelly’s shoulder, out his nipple, into his wrist and ended in his thigh. It was later found by a custodian at Parkland hospital on a stretcher in “pristine” condition. If this happened, it really sounds magical for a bullet to travel through so many locations. The third shot fired was the “kill shot” which is what hit President Kennedy in the head, sending brain matter every which way–coating Mrs. Kennedy and sending a piece of skull flying to the back of the car. There is an iconic image of Mrs. Kennedy climbing back on the car trying to retrieve the piece of skull. It was a tragic scene.



At the same time, Lee Harvey Oswald was not seen at roll call that afternoon when the police placed the TSBD under lockdown. While they are searching the building for him, he is walking the streets of Dallas, is and comes across police officer JD Tippit who confronts Oswald and was tragically shot by Oswald. Shortly after this confrontation, Oswald was seen by Jack Brewer standing in the window of his shoe store.


Later on, Brewer told the Police of the incident and described Oswald’s behavior as he stood there. Oswald entered the back of a movie theater and was sitting in a seat when the Police arrived and arrested Oswald for the murder of Officer Tippit. He was not yet charged with killing Kennedy.


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