Eugene Boone

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April 3, 2017 by Hayley Ellis

Eugene Boone was a Sheriff’s Deputy on the day of President Kennedy’s assassination. He was standing in front of the Sheriff’s office on the morning of November 22, 1963 when he heard the shots. He was a Prosecution witness.eugene boone

Bugliosi- Where were you at 12:30pm on the 22nd? In front of the Sheriff’s office. I heard 3 shots and ran down the grassy area toward the grassy knoll. I didn’t find any evidence of a gunman being in the area so I ran to the Texas School Book Depository. When you arrived, were the boxes arranged like a sniper’s nest? Yes. He found the gun on the 6th floor of the TSBD. The rifle was described as a 7.65 Mauser. Mauser being a generic term for bolt action. He makes the point that he is not, in fact, a firearm expert.

Spence- If you hadn’t found the gun, anyone could have found it, correct? Yes. If someone was trying to hide a gun, why would they just leave it there? Don’t you think they would have done something to conceal it better? You found cartridge cases? Yes. Three cases behind the boxes. Rifles should eject shells to the right, correct? Yes. But here it looks like they were ejected to the right and left, like someone threw them down. The gun you called a Mauser was in fact a Manlicher, a cheaper gun that is considered to be a piece of junk. While in possession of the gun, your description went from a Mauser to a Manlicher? I wouldn’t say that. He wasn’t able to identify the gun. He later went to the railroad and searched there and back to the grassy knoll because he heard reports that there were shots from there. It seemed like people ran to that direction, correct? (Spence uses video to say that because people ran toward the Grassy Knoll, shots must have been fired from there).

Bugliosi- Did they show you a rifle? Yes. It appeared to be the same rifle although it didn’t have any identifying marks.

I think Boone is a good witness on both sides, but primarily I think he is a strong witness for the Prosecution. He makes Bugliosi’s points and it seems like Spence is grasping at straws. And those straws are at some points worthwhile while at others he really doesn’t get anything for them. I think Boone has a good testimony and is an important part of the case, especially being the man who found the gun. That is crucial.


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