Charles Brehm

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April 3, 2017 by Hayley Ellis

The second witness called is Charles Brehm. He was watching the motorcade with his son on that day and is another prosecution witness. His testimony is definitely in support of the prosecution and is more solid than that of Buell Frazier as his testimony could support both sides.2. brehm 2

Bugliosi- On the day of the assassination, you and your son were watching the motorcade through Dallas, correct? Yes, as the motorcade turned and straightened itself down elm street the first noise I heard hit Kennedy and he put his hand to his throat. The motorcade continued when the second shot went off, destroying Kennedy’s head. The car took a zig zag that when the third shot went off. There were about 7 seconds between first and third shots. I think the bullets came from the TSBD and I’m very confident about that as the shots came from behind Kennedy.

Spence- Do you believe that you are an expert on 6-8 seconds in history? Yes. I believe that I am an expert on these 6-8 seconds. Have you seen the Zapruder film? Yes. (spence– “Looks like someone took a baseball bat and knocked his bead back”) I think that’s exaggerating. Brehm questions Spence’s analysis of the Zapruder film in terms of the direction of Kennedy’s head.

Brehm is a good witness for the Prosecution because he is very confident in his version of events and doesn’t shake when Spence tries to change what he is saying. Spence’s job is to try to confuse the witness into changing his story and he doesn’t make that mistake–instead he questions Spence’s analysis which obviously irritates him. This is when he ends his line of questioning and they move on to the next witness. He was there watching the parade as an onlooker and was not involved in the affairs of that day in any other way, so he has a good perspective as someone who was simply there that day and wasn’t affiliated with TSBD or the Police or Presidential party.


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