Harold Norman

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April 3, 2017 by Hayley Ellis

The third Prosecution witness is Harold Norman. He had been standing in the window of the Texas School Book Depository  where he worked, below where the shots were thought to have been fired. He was on the 5th floor that day watching the Presidential Motorcade.

Bugliosi– On November 22, 1963 were you an order filler for the TSBD? harold normanYes and Oswald was a coworker. Oswald was a loner. On the 22nd, did you watch the Presidential Motorcade with your coworkers? Yes, I watched it from the 5th floor window. I heard a shot when the motorcade come by. The first shot made the president slump, then two more. It sounded like there was a rifle above me. I could hear rifle shells and bolt action. I heard three shells.

Spence– Give us the sounds of that day. (He makes sounds of the gun). Consistent sounds of 3 gunshots. “Boom, click. Click, Boom. Click. Click Boom, Click.” He heard the casings fall to the floor above him. Spence asks if he could be mistaking them with nails falling them on the floor. Norman says he’s not sure but he’s certain they were the bullet casings. He stayed there and watched the crowds for awhile instead of running down and telling the FBI about the shots. Oswald wasn’t in the depository during role call.

I think Norman is another good witness for the Prosecution although Spence does a good job twisting and turning things to make it work for him. He still stays on the side of the Prosecution, proving their case but there are times when I would say that his testimony would swing to the side of the Defense but quickly swing back. He has a very short testimony and it really comes down to the point that he was under the 6th floor window that Oswald is thought to have been shooting out of. He heard the shots above him and the bullet casings as they exited the gun. His testimony is good in that he is a good prosecution witness in having been below the gunshots.


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