Buell Frazier (Recall)

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April 4, 2017 by Hayley Ellis

Following Marrion Baker’s testimony Buell Frazier was recalled to provide testimony on a picture of a man in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository. Gerry Spence had provided this picture to Marrion Baker who said that the image looked like Lee Oswald so the Prosecution recalled Frazier in order to get his word on who that man may be. Baker had a quick interaction with Oswald in the TSBD and Spence is making the point that Oswald couldn’t have been the man to have shot President Kennedy.man in doorway

Buell Frazier’s response to the man in the doorway was that the man was a fellow by the name of Billy Lovelady who also worked at the TSBD. He did not resemble Lee Oswald other than they both share a high forehead. According to Buell, he himself was standing just a few steps behind Billy in the doorway of the TSBD in the shade where he wouldn’t be seen in the image.

I have a hard time finding the resemblance of Billy Lovelady and Oswald. I don’t think they look familiar at all. The high forehead might make them look similar in the image, but I still have a really hard time making this connection that Spence makes. I think Spence is using this image as a way to distract the jury and give them a slight doubt. He tries to discredit Buell Frazier’s testimony on it by saying that all these years later he couldn’t remember that Billy Lovelady was standing there and that he hadn’t told anyone about it. Not even the Warren Commission.



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