Ted Callaway

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April 4, 2017 by Hayley Ellis

Ted Calloway was a witness to the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit. He was employed as a used car manager at the time of the assassination.

Bugliosi- I heard what sounded like 5 pistol shots. I was standing on the porch looking toward 10th street so I ran out to the sidewalk where I saw a man running from 10th callawaystreet across Patton. He had a pistol in his right hand raised. There is no question that Oswald was the man I saw. After Oswald ran past, I ran to 10th and Patton and saw the police car and officer in the car. I felt his pulse and he was dead. I got on his radio and told them he’s been killed. They said they’d already heard and to stay off the air. I later went to a lineup and recognized Oswald right away.

Spence- I performed a lineup. The chief of police said “We want to wrap him up real tight, we think he is the same one who shot the president, but be absolutely sure it is him.” (Spence wants to make a point that the police are trying to frame Oswald). Oswald had a black eye but I didn’t notice it that night. I wanted to do exactly what the chief detective asked. To take my time and to be absolutely positive that he was the man I saw. (Spence tries to argue that he couldn’t have made the identification if he was 56 feet away with the same dressing). Calloway says “I could have recognized him if he was nekkid.”

I think Calloway is a good witness because he makes some strong arguments that favor the prosecution. Spence tries to rattle him and Calloway fights back. He doesn’t take the bait that Spence tries to lay out for him and he makes the stark point that he could have recognized Oswald if he was naked. He is very strong in his belief that he saw that Oswald was the one who murdered Officer Tippit and that Oswald was the one in the lineup.


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