This website is dedicated to the assassination of John F. Kennedy as researched while student teaching “Hippie History.” It provides commentary of the “Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald” as well as independent historiography of the literature surrounding the assassination of JFK. Throughout the website you will find images and videos that provide historical context and visuals of the event.

There are a handful of pages on this site that will be helpful to understand. Under “Biographies” you will find short biographies of Presidents Kennedy and Johnson as well as Lee Harvey Oswald. “Links and Resources” is a page dedicated to providing additional sources for research and links that have been helpful in research. The general home page and blog of this site is focused around the Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald as well as commentary on other resources and literature that comes into play.

This site is a source for studying the assassination of John F. Kennedy and I hope it will provide a helpful resource.